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No one likes to see termites, wasps, bedbugs, cockroaches and rodents making their way into home or business. Apart from being annoying, these pesky creatures can be detrimental to your building structure. Here at Pest Control Unit, we have been helping households and businesses across Toorak with all their pest problems. We use the latest technology and eco-friendly products to completely alleviate pest from your property.

Pest Inspection, Treatment & Control Toorak:

Obviously, pest infestation causes extensive damages to your property and lead to expensive repairs. At Pest Control Unit, we understand how important it is to act quickly and provide same day services. Our caring and courteous exterminators will visit your property to determine the type of pests and the extent of infestation. Based on the severity of the problem, we will execute fumigation or any other method that suits your situation.  Our services are available for

For a quick response during emergencies, you can call the experts of Pest Control Unit at 0415 589 338.