Pest Control South Yarra

Pest Control South YarraIf you suspect that your South Yarra property has pest infestation, you can call Pest and Flood Unit for professional pest control services. Our pest extermination services are aimed at eliminating disease-causing pests from your property, ensuring a safe, cleaning and pest-free environment to your family. We not only serve residential community but also offer reliable services to businesses across South Yarra and the surrounding suburbs.

Pest Inspection, Treatment & Control South Yarra:

Pests are dangerous creatures that can bring disease and infection into your home. These pesky creatures can also get into your food and make it harmful for you to eat. Besides being nuisance, these invaders can also damage the building structure of your property. At Pest Control Unit, we can make your home safer by providing the most effective pest control solution. We are committed to only using products that are in compliance with health and safety regulations. Our pest control services not only alleviate the existing pests but also prevent future outbreaks.

Flood Restoration South Yarra:

Flooding can occur as a result of cyclones which can inflict severe damage to your property. We provide flood restoration services that involve removing excessing water and moisture from your building using advanced equipment.

Structural Drying South Yarra:

Drywall and other building materials can absorb a huge amount of water. We have got the right structural drying tools and equipment to evaluate moisture content in your building and take required measures to dehumidify it.

Carpet Cleaning South Yarra:

Nothing is worse than soggy, soaked, smelly carpet. We have immense knowledge in carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning techniques, and deploy either of the methods based on the fabric type and as per your specific needs.

If your structure is suffering from pest infestation or water damage, you can rely on the experts of Pest and Flood Unit. For appointments, give us a call at 0430124748.