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Fumigation Is Effective At Eliminating:

Process Involved In Fumigation:

Our fumigation service involves the use of fumigants (gaseous pesticides) to eliminate pests within an enclosed place. Depending on the situation, our pest control experts will bring the required sealing materials to close the pest entry points and use a machine to blow the fumigants which will adhere to the surfaces and destroy the pests by poisoning them.

Who Can Benefit From Fumigation? 

  • Tenants with pets who are about to leave the property or as a part of the tenancy agreement.
  • Residents who want to save themselves from disease transmission and protect their belongings from the pesky creatures.
  • Business owners who want to stay safe from trade risks, local council fees and structural damage.
Why Choose Pest Control Unit?

As fumigation service involves the use of toxic gases, it is important to have experienced professionals by your side to get the job done. At Pest Control Unit, we are fully-trained, certified and adhere to the industry’s safety standards and related regulations every time we are called upon. Moreover, we deploy eco-friendly methods that do not have any negative impact on the environment in any way.

For more information on our fumigation services, we invite you to call 0415 589 338 and talk to us today. Let’s conduct a comprehensive pest control inspection and determine the right fumigant for your situation.

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