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End Of Lease Pest Control Kew

Are you a landlord, real estate agent or a tenant that needs end of lease pest control service in Kew? Pest Control Unit may be your top choice as we can always give our Kew customers a pest control service that they can trust. Our team of pest terminators will work with you and provide an efficient, considerable and affordable solution that will prevent any pest from nesting or returning to your property.  

Importance Of End Of Lease Pest Control: 

In perspective of an owner, every rental property must have the pest control treatment at the end of every lease. This is to ensure that the property is completely safe and pest-free for the next tenant to move in. On the other hand, if you are a tenant, read your rental agreement to see if it states the requirement of end of lease pest treatment. In that case, it is your responsibility to comply with the legal requirements to get your deposit back in full. Our experts bring you the expertise and carries out what it takes to make your property completely pest free. 

Types Of Pest We Control:

At Pest Control Unit, we have a professional team of pest terminators who can exterminate all types of pests and provide lasting results. However, our specialisation lies in:

We have advanced tools and techniques that are effective at eradicating pests from every corner of your home, showing best outcomes. 

Call Pest Control Unit For Help!

We make sure that our end of lease pest control treatments cover all the requirements that are highlighted in your lease agreement. Our team do whatever it takes to increase your chances of getting your bond back at the end of the tenancy.  So, if you believe that your property has a pest infestation, we urge you to contact us on 0415 589 338 for a quick pest inspection!

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