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At Pest Control Unit, we understand how frustrating and annoying it is when pests invade your property. Our priority is to make your home pest free and ensure your comfort in your kingdom. That’s why we have developed specific protocols to deal with pest issues, serving residential and commercial customers across Burwood and nearby suburbs. Our industry leading experts provide eco-friendly solutions that are safe to your property but are effective on the invading pests.

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Our Pest Control Approach:

When it comes to protecting your property against pest, we will follow a holistic approach to ensure the best results.

  • We begin with an initial assessment of your property to find out the magnitude of the problem.
  • Our exterminators look for environmental conditions, structural conditions and recent pest activities to determine the right treatment method.
  • We will arrange an appointment with you to communicate what we have found and how the problem can be alleviated.
  • Upon your approval, we will administer the chemical treatment or fumigation technique and also provide recommendation on the ways to prevent future entry of pests in your property.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Pest Control Unit conducts scheduled inspection of your property to find out and eliminate pests before they turn into a major issue. We will alert you regarding property damage that’s been found during the inspection. Our experts will communicate all aspects of our pest control treatments and let you make a well-informed decision. No matter how big or small the infestation is, make a quick call at 0415 589 338 for the same day service.  Let us make your home a pest-free place to live in.

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