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It’s easy to underestimate the threat posed by common pests. While most present no direct danger to humans, they can be a disaster for homes and businesses. It’s why our team at Pest Control Unit is here to help you deal with pesky pest problems before they turn into a major headache.

We specialise in providing fast, effective pest control in Ravenhall and neighbouring areas. Our services are affordable and designed to fit your needs. Whether it’s a primary home, holiday home or business that needs help, we’ll use industry leading equipment and techniques to fix the problem.

Pest Control Unit’s services include:

    • Bedbugs Removal/Control
    • Termite Damage Assessment

Pick a Pest Control Company You Can Trust

Our exterminators always carry out a FREE inspection before starting any pest control or removal processes. This gives you a chance to discuss strategies, cost, safety issues and more with a friendly, reliable advisor. No extermination work will begin before you’re happy with our approach to ridding your home or commercial property of pests.

We value the safety of your pets and your environment, so Pest Control Unit uses only environmentally friendly products. Where possible, we avoid the use of chemicals altogether by employing green techniques such as caulking, baiting and long-term monitoring.

Take the First Step to Freedom from Pests

After a brief telephone consultation, we’ll send a Pest Control Unit exterminator to visit your property. This is a FREE, no obligation inspection. Our exterminator will check for evidence of pests, discuss the severity of your infestation and recommend the best removal strategies.

At Pest Control Unit, our mission is to help property owners just like you feel safe in their homes. So, let us get rid of those unwanted guests and give you back your feeling of security.

For affordable pest control services in Ravenhall residents can call us at 0415 589 338. We’re here to help your home.

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