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Fumigation Sunshine:

There is no doubt that pests are a huge annoyance in every possible way. They come in different sizes and forms, causing extensive damages and health issues to the occupants. Sometimes, it seems impossible to get rid of them from our homes. Of all types of extermination methods, the fumigation process is the best possible way to eliminate hard-to-get-rid-of-pests from a property. Pest Control Unit, a leading pest terminator in Melbourne, offers fumigation service across Sunshine and the surrounding suburbs for residential and commercial customers. From insects that bite humans to creatures that destroy buildings, we can eliminate any kind of pests with fumigation methods.  

Our Fumigation Process: 

Our fumigation process is so comprehensive and it involves a holistic approach:

  1. The infested area is completely sealed off
  2. The fumigants (toxic gaseous pesticide) is blown inside the sealed area
  3. The fumigants suffocate and kill the pests that are present even in hard-to-reach areas
  4. The treated area is completely ventilated to ensure that no toxic gas is left behind

The type and amount of fumigant we use depends on the type of the pest invaded your home and the severity of the infestation in your property. 

Fumigation Is Effective At Eliminating The Following Types Of Pests:

Why Is Fumigation Better Than Other Pest Control Methods?

No one wants to work or live in a place that is infested by pests. Luckily, fumigation can completely eliminate the unwanted pests from any premises. Here are the advantages of fumigation over other pest control methods. 

  • It can control pests at all life stages
  • The process is more effective and time-saving
  • It guarantees zero pest tolerance. 
  • It provides long-lasting results
  • Fumigants can kill even the hiding pests as it can reach areas where many other insecticides cannot. 

So, if you feel that your property is infested with pests, feel free to call 0415 589 338 and schedule an appointment for pest inspection today. 

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