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Pest fumigation is a special type of pest control technique that is used in areas that can’t be reached with sprays and gels.

Fumigation Is Effective At Eliminating The Following Types Of Pests:

Our Fumigation Process:

Step 1 – We will perform a thorough pest control inspection of your property before fumigating the premises. This helps us to estimate the type and level of infestation as well as to determine the most effective fumigant.

Step 2 – The pest control experts we send bring the necessary sealing materials to seal off all the pest entry ways. Then, they will fumigate the problematic and vulnerable areas thoroughly. The fumigants adhere to the surfaces and kill the pests by poisoning them.

Step 3 – Upon your request, we can provide follow-up visits and even give you recommendations on how to protect your property from future infestations.

When Can Fumigation Be Used?

The fumigation procedure is suitable:

  • As a part of a tenancy agreement
  • When the tenant lives with pets
  • To exterminate pests from businesses
  • As a preventative measure in households

Why Choose Pest Control Unit For Fumigation?

  • Our pest control experts are certified and well-trained to handle all types of fumigants.
  • We will strictly adhere to the industry’s safety standards and related regulations to ensure your and your loved ones’ safety.
  • Our fumigation cost is very affordable that it depends on the size of the infected area treated.

We offer pest fumigation and general pest control services to Southbank and many more Melbourne suburbs. Fumigation in Southbank is one of our highly effective pest control methods for eradicating stubborn infestations. We follow meticulous procedures ensuring your space is thoroughly fumigated, leaving no room for pests in Southbank to hide and breed.

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