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Is the lease on your home nearing its end? Got a new person to rent your property, or are you looking to move into a new property? In either case, one of the first things you should do is to have a pest inspection done by a Pest Control Unit. Pest Control Albion, we are serving residential and commercial customers across Toorak and beyond.  

Why Should You Invest In Pest Control Albion? 

If you are moving out of your rental property, you should carry out an end of lease pest control service in Albion. Not only this is a good practice but has also become a common thing with lease agreements in Williams Landings. Over the course of the lease agreement, not only dirt, dust and food scraps accumulate, but also pests can establish their nests, which might even go unnoticed. Getting pest treatment at the end of the tenancy will help getting your deposit back in full. Here at Pest Control unit, we give every project a personal attention and take a diligent approach to satisfy all of our customers’ pest control needs.

Types Of Pest We Control:

Equipped with decades of experience under our belts and advanced pest control techniques, we can exterminate all types of pests at the end of your tenancy agreement. Our exterminators can carry out the following treatments in all sorts of rental properties. 

Call Pest Control Unit For Help!

No matter how large or small your infestation is, we will carry out the most effective and appropriate pest control Albion to ensure that your property is completely pest-free. For any questions, you may have about our end of lease pest control service, feel free to call us on 0415 589 338!

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