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As a leading pest control company, Pest Control Unit offers the most affordable, quality and effective services to the residential and commercial customers across Blackburn and the surrounding suburbs. We employ highly trained pest control specialists and utilise the most advanced technologies to successfully eliminate pest infestations in and around your property. Whether you have seen cockroaches running along the floor, heard mice scurrying around your attic or wasps building a nest in your yard, you can count on Pest Control Unit to get rid of your pest problem.

Some Of The Pests That We Can Help You With:

Our Pest Control & Treatment Process:

Our pest control program includes the following services:

  • A thorough inspection of your property
  • Preparation of detailed report on our finding
  • Determining the most effective pest treatment method
  • Interior and exterior treatment
  • Follow up visits during the service period
  • Blocking the entry points of the pests
  • Recommendations to prevent future infestation

To provide your home with the year-round protection, we use the most effective chemicals that can eliminate the annoying pests right away. Based on the severity of the problem, we will use pesticides or fumigation methods to eliminate the pest problem. The chemicals we use are pets safe, kids safe and eco-friendly, so you can have a complete peace of mind on our pest control services. With us, you will no longer have to worry about these pesky creatures entering your home. To know more about pest control services and how we treat your pest problem, call 0415 589 338 and talk to our exterminators today!

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