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Effective Tips to Control the Possum Population Around Your Home

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Are possums bothering you? These little marsupials can cause damage to your property and food, affecting your wealth as well as health. They migrate from woodlands to households only to find food easily but disturb your lifestyle in the process. Most nature lovers don’t mind possums having a small meal outside their house and running away.

But those that get in the house and affect your life on a daily basis could be dangerous. While there are many strong chemicals available for possum control in Melbourne, these could affect the health of your loved ones adversely. They could also damage the nearby environment and you really don’t want to kill innocent animals just looking for food, do you?

Here are some effective ways for possum control in Melbourne, which would help repel possums in the most harmless and eco-friendly manner.

  1. Using Pet Fur

Does your pet dog or cat drop fur? Perfect! Collect this fur and scatter it in the most remote corners of your house. Possums are afraid of predators, and even if your pet animal is unable to shoo them away, their fur will. Create a small exit for the possum to run away following the path of the pet fur. This is indeed one of the most effective ways for possum control in Melbourne.

2. Using a Netting or Enclosure

Netting is yet another effective way for possum control in Melbourne. You can use temporary netting to protect your food and produce. This is especially helpful for the garden area or backyard, which can be protected to some extent. Don’t keep the net on grass, your trees or shrubs for too long – otherwise, you might damage the trees even more than the possum.

3. Setting up Motion Sensors

You can set up motion sensors in specific areas of your property, such as in the kitchen, on the roof and near the garden. Possums are most likely to end up in places with food and vegetation. An alarm will alert you and a sound of a frequency that disturbs the animal will also repel it. Many people use motion sensors for possum control in Melbourne.

4. Spreading Ammonia or Garlic

We know just how pungent the smells of Ammonia or Garlic could be, especially for you and your family members. But this temporary quick fix could help you get rid of possum in no time. Possums don’t like these smells either, so adding a few drops of Ammonia or slices of garlic all around could help you control possums effectively in Melbourne.

5. Getting Expert Help

You could ask pest control experts to help you remove the possum effectively. Consult experts that don’t use strong chemicals and use eco-friendly ways for possum control in Melbourne. Experienced professionals usually inspect your property and then do the possum removal within a matter of hours, without causing any death or damage to your property.

Pest Control Unit has a team of experts that inspect your property and provide you with recommendations for long-term pest control. Our pest experts are licensed, and we use high-quality products and tools for same-day possum removal services. To protect your property and the health of your loved ones from possum attacks, contact us for a quick inspection and detailed information about our deals and discounts on possum control in Melbourne.

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